Delivering VALUE to Your Fans

Quick Start Guide - Setup & Broadcast Your Virtual LIVE Event

1.  Create your FREE ACCOUNT on Crowd Music 

2.  Confirm You Have The Basic Equipment Needed To Broadcast (See next section below for more details).

  • Your streaming device (mobile device/ computer/ dedicated streaming platform capable of RTMP transmission) 

  • Your cameras/ audio devices for inputing content

3.  SCHEDULE Your Event & Get Your Dedicated Streaming Event URL & KEY

4.  Tell the World, Prepare, Perform, then GET PAID

The Basic Equipment To Get Started

The good news is, you can use a VERY simple setup and provide a GREAT experience for your Fans. 

You can also use the most expensive broadcast equipment, and know you have a solid platform to show off the details of what you're delivering.

Either way, you get to deliver a state-of-the-art experience to your Fans.

Here's a great example of a show that was shot with a very BASIC setup

The following were used for this event that was broadcast LIVE on Crowd Music:

  1. TWO iPhone 11 cameras
  2. Free Open Source Software for Broadcasting
  3. A laptop computer
  4. An inexpensive portable soundboard
  5. Two Mics



  • Your Camera.  Your phone most likely has the ability to deliver 1080p quality.  780p will still look great on some devices, but with our platform many users will be mirroring it to their Big Screen TV.    NOTE:  Don't forget to turnoff your Cellular Service to avoid someone calling you during your broadcast.


  • Your Streaming Device (mobile device / computer / dedicated streaming platform).
    • If you are broadcasting from a mobile device (iPhone/ iPad/ Android/ etc.), you'll need to pick the app that you'll use for streaming.  It must be able to have the ability to accept outside streaming servers and streaming keys.  We suggest Larix as a great option.

    • Larix Broadcaster is a free app for iOS and Android that you can use to live stream on the Crowd Music platform from your mobile device. 

      Setup is easy — the only thing you might miss: the URL must be in the format [INGEST_URL]/[STREAM_NAME]  (Note the forward-slash between the two parts)

    • If you are broadcasting from a computer (Mac/ PC/ Linux), you'll need to pick the software that you'll use for streaming.  It must be able to have the ability to accept outside streaming servers and streaming keys.  We suggest OBS as a great option.

  • Your Streaming URL and Streaming Key that you purchase from Crowd Music. (**This can be fully rebated based on your Ticket Sales**)   

    To be able to live-stream a virtual concert through Crowd Music, you will need to purchase a streaming key.  Crowd will deliver the streaming URL and streaming key specific to your event.  Your Event will be published in our Marketplace where you can easily link your Fans to purchase tickets.

    • Also, it is wise for first-time users to purchase a “test key,” which allows you to broadcast to as many as 5 specific devices, as well as up to an hour of broadcast time, for trouble-shooting and “sound checking” your broadcast.

  • You can purchase your Streaming URL & Streaming Keys HERE  (**This can be fully rebated based on your Ticket Sales**

The Details

You can download the Step-By-Step QUICK START PDF by clicking HERE